Lost in Translation


For those of you who didn’t have a chance to catch Lost in Translation at Improvisation & Co, here’s your chance. The show is back again tomorrow night with shows through December due to popular demand.  This will be the third time the show has been extended from the time it started back in Fall 2012!

Lost in Translation is an improv comedy show that explores the experiences of foreigners living in Sweden. This show provides a stage for speaking about the cultural differences between Swedes and foreigners in a comical but also interesting way.

One of the best parts of the show is the encouraged audience participation – the cast tries to get the crowd involved by using their ideas for inspiration. When the show gets to the second act you can expect a romantic comedy as the improv cast uses an original story line for each show to play out the experience of being in love in Sweden. Being that Sweden is known to house many love refugees we’re thinking a lot of you will be able to relate!

Don’t miss your chance to catch it this time around!

Director: Josh Lenn
Cast: Veronica Bergström, Jenny Björk, Josh Lenn, Maria Lindberg, Katarina Wahlberg and Robert Weitz
Music: Maria Olofsson

Lost in Translation starts Friday, August 23 at Improvisation & Co, Hagagatan 48

For tickets & more info click, here.