The sunlight spills through the doors at Strandloppis (the Strand flea market) on a beautiful winter Sunday. The restaurant is full of waffle-munching brunch guests and the flea market is bustling with visitors hoping to track down that 40 kr. pair of Cheap Mondays or some classic Star Wars toys in mint condition.

The sweet soul music and faint smell of yesterday’s beer hanging in their air brings a party atmosphere to the market, the couches are full of Hornstull hipsters nursing a hangover over a latte from the market café, and Bar Brooklyn has been transformed into a record hop with music nerds leafing through the vinyl selection, perhaps looking for the tunes they danced to last night. But the market is far from being exclusive to your average Strand regular, and there’s plenty of little old ladies eyeing the collection of old radios and vintage china to serve the coming Christmas cakes from.

“We thought we would only see Söder hipster types, but it’s been much more mixed than we expected,” says Markus Hallberg of Bakåt: Framåt. ”We’re getting a lot of older people that have been living on Södermalm forever, and with the sellers being from all over town they pull their friends in as well. We never wanted it to be just a hipster market, so we’re very happy to see how it turned out.”

“We had a similar flea market in Trädgården this summer and it went so well that we thought it would be great to do an indoor one over the winter. We’ve also been organizing vintage and retro markets for the past four years, so it was natural to just continue. Strand was chosen because a few years ago, when it was still called Street, they used to host flea markets every fall that were a big success. And it looks like this market is going to be a hit as well – the first two weekends we actually had to shut the doors as it was getting too crowded inside!”

The flea market takes place every Sunday. Check here for more info.