Three Times: Velvet & Suede


Velvet had a strong year last year, and that success looks like continuing into 2017. Their thick fabrics, dyed in rich colours, are omnipresent in the media and at the trade fairs. The ‘Benito’ sofa from DIS Inredning blends simplistic Scandinavian design with decadent velvet in bold colours and clues from the roaring 1930’s. A nice change from the rough and utilitarian grey felt that has adorned our living rooms for the last decade or so.


Utter the words ‘Danish’ and ‘design’ in the same sentence and even a person far removed from the interior design world knows exactly what you are talking about. The stark, standardised and efficient shapes usually associated with Danish design are certainly not applicable to AYTM’s velvety soft and luxurious pillows and poufs. The ‘Sanati’ cushion, in a rich green velvet fabric with alternating patterns to create a striped effect, and the fluffy pink alcantara pouf ‘Stilla’ are both part of AYTM’s spring 2017 collection.


Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden might be one of the most admired and most plagiarised in the world over the last few years. His stunningly beautiful pieces, made of marble, metal, wood, glass and soft materials such as suede, are as pricey as they are sought after. He often combines his materials of choice to create useable objects that are also works of art – as shown in the ‘Dure’ vase. With all the attention to detail and hours of craftsmanship that goes into each piece, no wonder the real deal costs a tad bit more than a similar object picked up at a high street chain retailer.

Words: Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer