5 Bands To Watch In 2017

Photo: Andreas Öhman

2017: New year, new you, new mu-sic? We decided to celebrate the new year by putting together a list of some of our favourite artists who we think will do big things over the next twelve months.


Having covered The Stooges’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ and The Velvet Underground’s ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’, it’s pretty clear what musical company Mankind want to see themselves in. 2016 saw the four-piece release the European Dusk EP and they’ve kicked off 2017 on the front foot with the release of their new single ‘Art Prostitute’, a burnt-out rock song telling tales of pretentious attempts at decadence. That’s out now on Lazy Octopus, and more is to come over the next twelve months.


I’ll admit here that I don’t know anything about Malva Luma, so I don’t really have anything to add here in terms of background info. What I do know is that the music is very, very good. She released the Fuck Patriarchy EP last year, three songs that ranged in style from ‘Redmoon”s floating dreamworld to the kinetic dance of the title track. It was one of the freshest takes on electronica last year, and we’re excited for more.


Photo: Andreas Öhman

MIYNT’s music is notable for just how wide her range of sound is. Her debut EP, the excellently titled EP No.1, saw her swing from the swooning neo-romanticism of songs like ‘The Strangest Game’ and ‘The Deer Or The Hunter’ to the snark groove of ‘Cool’, and back to the more rock driven (and referencing) sound of opener ‘After The Gold Rush’ and was a wildly impressive statement of intent, a revelation of just how many doors are open to her. An album is apparently in the works at present.


Uppsala-based five-piece Cat Princess (Robin Åberg, Isabelle Friberg, Robert Lanneborn, Victor Klint and Nils Krång) echo a rich musical heritage, their high-energy, sparky indie sound recalling memories of bands like Orange Juice. Their debut EP Please Me earned rave reviews across the board and more is hopefully on the way.


Photo: Jonas Börjesson

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes are a band with a scientifically terrible name (albeit one that probably makes them very Googleable), but despite that one with great music. They’ve only released two singles to date, but those two (‘Desire’ and ‘Call Out’) have showcased their ability to write indie songs that are alternatively razor-sharp (‘Desire’) and slow-burning and dreamy (‘Call Out’). Oh, and if you insult them on social media they will elaborately drag you, so don’t do that. New material is on the way soon.

Words: Austin Maloney