Gig Highlight: Linnéa

Photo: Hilda Bordahl

Linnéa is the solo project of Heart/ Dancer’s Linnéa Gustafsson, and she’s just dropped her debut single ‘Dreamgirl’. ‘Dreamgirl’ is a syrupy electronic dance track, cut from pink neon synths and smooth club beats. It’s out now on our ol friends at Cherish, and Linnéa plays her debut show at Trädgården on Friday night. We caught up with her for a few quick questions before that show.

We know you from Heart/Dancer, so how did you end up starting a solo career as Linnéa?

I have tried to make something solo for over five years now, even before Heart/Dancer was born. So I guess it was about time, haha. I have the annoying tendency to feel obligated to do everything on my own, so I kind of forced myself into this. But that’s ok, it feels amazing now that the debut is finally released.

Tell us a little about ‘Dreamgirl’

‘Dreamgirl’ is both fun and serious. It’s about the feeling of being the fucking queen, but at the same time knowing you’re a rather shitty person. It’s mainly made for boosting egos, but with lots of self-awareness and a desire to behave nicely to people.

‘Dreamgirl’ is out now on Cherish, can we expect more music in 2017?

Hopefully, though I always seem to take an eternity to finish stuff. But things are on the way! Since I plan to have a private jet soon I think I ought to get started.

Finally, what can we expect from the show on Friday night?

An insane load of pink glam! I’m doing my best to be a diva. Although, I think I’m too sentimental to fully be one, so maybe you should prepare for overcompensation.

Jun 9 @ 2200, Trädgården