Hemma Hos Fanny Celebrates Eight Years

Live club Hemma Hos Fanny was born back in 2009 at Pet Sounds Bar, and eight years later they’re still around and preparing their eighth-anniversary party. That party takes place at Cosmopolite this Friday, and the duo behind the club  Erik Dellgren and Fanny Bergne, will be DJing everything from Pale Honey to Niki & the Dove, and there’ll be cake to get people in the birthday mood. We had a quick chat with Fanny and Erik before the party.

So, congrats on eight years! How does it feel?

Great! We started the club in a different era, in 2009 our lives were very different. Since then we have done so much together (kid, marriage, studies, different jobs) but Hemma Hos Fanny remains as our own little music-project.

What do you think the secrets of keeping HHF running for this long have been?

Well, for a start keep it at a reasonable level, i.e. a monthly club. Then you can look forward to playing the best songs at the moment, as well as have time for promotion and band-booking. To be honest, we put the club on hold during the baby years. But we did a comeback and we realised how much we had missed having our monthly club nights.

Could you both pick out a personal highlight from the club’s history?

It´s always hard to pick one thing each. Overall, to see bands, we admire as fans, playing at Hemma Hos Fanny is big. We also see the bands/artist as our extended family and try to support them as much as possible in the future. They supported us (and our club) so we support them back, even after the gig at HHF. Another thing we are really proud of is that we started to show art and photographs during our club nights. That opened up many new ideas for the future.

Tell us about your party on Friday

Well, for a start it´s free entrance and very good music as always. We will celebrate it with cake and guest DJs from former bands, artists and hang-arounds. Open for all.

And what’s coming up at HHF over the next few months?

We will continue with our monthly DJ-set at Snotty Sound Bar in November and December. And the plans for spring aren’t done yet. But we will be around, for sure.


Hemma Hos Fanny Fyller 8 År, Cosmopolite, Nov 3 @ 2000