New Music: Baula Go Back On ‘Just Like Yesterday’

Photo: Greta María Ásgeirsdóttir

Baula are a Gothenburg-based duo band made up of Sweden’s Karolina Thunberg and Iceland’s Ísak Ásgeirsson. The band was born just before Iceland Airwaves festival 2015, and then brought to life during that festival by an intense week of gigging that saw them play eleven shows in five days. A debut single, ‘Don’t Bother’, followed after and now they’re back with a follow-up, ‘Just Like Yesterday’

‘Just Like Yesterday’ is a fuzz-soaked piece of indie-pop, Thunberg’s voice swirling around tight, jerking guitar riffs to create a sharply melodic, heartfelt song that’s one of the best things we’ve heard this so far in the early part of this year. If you’re a fan of bands like Francis, it’s definitely worth checking out, and Baula are definitely work keeping an eye on in future. Listen below.