New Music: Cajsa Siik Unveils ‘White Noise’

Photo: Elinor Wermeling

Umeå-born musician Cajsa Siik has been on the TS radar for a while now, and we interviewed her around the release of her last album Contra a few years ago. Now she’s got a follow-up on the way, her third record DOMINO, which will drop on Birds Records on June 2. Siik says of the record “DOMINO can be described in two different ways. First I wanted it to represent the fact that we’re all connected to each other and that we have a responsibility towards each other and this world. To shoulder that responsibility is easier said than done, but we must try. Be aware. Not only mind our own business. I’ve given that a lot of thought lately. Secondly, every song on this album depends and relies on the others. Together they create a unit and the unit is supposed to be diverse. I aimed to create a dynamic album”.

Ahead of the release of that album, we have her new single ‘White Noise’. The second song to be released from DOMINO (after ‘Talk To Trees’), ‘White Noise’ is more of a straight pop rush than Siik’s normal, more folk-orientated sound. It opens up with thudding beats, but quickly evolves into a classic, fizzing pop song, one that shows that Siik’s knack for emotional power and melodies remains as strong as ever. ‘White Noise’ is out now.

Words: Austin Maloney