New Music: Foreverandever Launches Introvert Anthem “Feel Smthn”

Photo: Hilda Bordahl

Foreverandever is the project of producer Joakim Buddee, also half of electro-pop duo Heart/ Dancer, who we interviewed way back when. His debut EP Late Walk/ Spacewalk is set to be released soon, and ahead of that he’s put out the single ‘Feel Smthn’, which features vocals from fellow Stockholm act Sameblod. ‘Feel Smthn’ is a club track cut from ice, where glacial atmospherics meet a knife edge of nervous tension and anxiety. ‘Feel Smthn’ channels that tension into the track’s energy source, to create a song that fizzes with life, one that feels vital and hits you right in the heart. Buddee says the song is “for people who love electronic sounds and club music, but are a little bit too introverted to go to a rave. They dance at home in their heads instead”. ‘Feel Smthn’ is out now, and the Late Walk/ Spacewalk EP is released on June 9 on Sommarhjärta.

Words: Austin Maloney