New Music: King Borneo Turns Up The Old School Psych On “It Doesn’t Matter Now”

King Borneo is the musical baby of Stockholm musician Gustav Jennefors, and judging by the press blurb it’s gonna be a interesting one. On his new EP we’re told, “you’ll find stories about cougars picking up teen boys at the mall as well as inner monologues with bouncers, using lines embedded with an important announcement to the public”. Sounds like a trip. Anyway, he’s leading that EP with the single ‘It Doesn’t Matter Now’.

‘It Doesn’t Matter Now’ is a piece of old-school vintage pop, a fuzzy soul ballad made for the last dance at the end of the world. If you like your music to hark back to the late 60s pysch era, then this is definitely an obligatory listen. It’s out on June 23, and you can listen below.