New Music: Linn Koch-Emmery Rides The Fuzz Wave On ‘Forever Sounds’

Hailing from Norrköping but currently based in Stockholm, Linn Koch-Emmery released her debut single in 2016, the excellent ‘Come Back’, a hard-hitting indie song that could trace its musical heritage back to ’12:51′-era Strokes. She’s currently winding up for her debut EP, due out this autumn on Gothenburg label Welfare Sounds, and she’s now put out a new single, ‘Forever Sounds’.

‘Forever Sounds’ is a high-energy piece of surf-rock, a blast of guitar fuzz that’s equal parts melancholic and a hell of a lot of fun. Fuzzy indie rock is always a crowded genre, but Koch-Emmery has something a little extra that makes her music stand out, from the energy packed into the guitars to the way the looping chorus (“always on my mind, always on my mind, always on my mind”) buries itself inside your head and refuses to leave. Koch-Emmery says: “Forever Sounds is about how you sometimes can’t have another perspective than the one you have at that moment, and that that feeling is something you strive after. It’s pretty direct, has a simple and poppy melody, a lot of guitars and a driving refrain,  but there’s also something a little melancholic about it”. It’s out now.

Words: Austin Maloney