New Music: Lock Into The Slick Groove Of Summer Heart’s ‘Hotel Beds’

Travelling and vacation is obviously fun, but there comes a time when it starts to burn you out and you just wanna get back to your own home, your own friends, your own niche and your own life again. You’re not alone in feeling that nightbus-airport-newplace disjointedness, as it’s the theme David Alexander, aka Summer Heart, has written his new single ‘Hotel Beds’ around. Alexander says: “‘Hotel Beds’ is about touring, about going from city to city, hotel bed to hotel bed. About meeting new people every night. It’s about a feeling of being detached from reality. Don’t get me wrong. I love to tour but after a while it becomes a big blur… the lyrics were written in the back of a tour bus. It was recorded in Stockholm, mixed in Brooklyn, and mastered in Jersey City.”

‘Hotel Beds’ locks straight into that classic Summer Heart sound, all liquid rhythm, driving groove and slick pop melodies, echoing Todd Terje a little. It’s a little bit more subtle than his more straight-out pop efforts, but it’s still got an irresistible, dreamy charm. ‘Hotel Beds’ is out now, and Summer Heart’s new album 101 comes out in August 25.

Words: Austin Maloney