New Music: Magic Potion Return To “Rest Yr Skull”

The first time the phrase “yr skull” appeared in musical history was on Sonic Youth’s Expressway To Yr Skull’, seven minutes of strung-out art noise from their album, Evol. Stockholm band Magic Potion do things more gently, and named their new single Rest Yr Skull. It’s been a while since we heard new music from the band, who released their debut album Pink Gum in spring 2016 (and spoke  to us about it and Dido around that time). This is their first single since then, and it sticks firmly to the breeze-rock style the band established on the album.

Sounding like it was recorded inside a tin can (in a good way), Rest Yr Skull is a song made from fuzz, sparky little guitar riffs and a gem of a chorus. Magic Potion write melodies that sound like they just got out of bed, but they’ll still stick around in your head all day. Rest Yr Skull is out on PNKSLM on a split 7” with a new single from Boys, Rabbits. Magic Potion tour Europe with Chastity Belt this September.