New Music: Mira Aasma Sparkles On New Single “Mirrors”

Gothenburg’s Mira Aasma first popped up on the scene with the murky synth-pop of the Stereoscope EP last year, her first collection of songs. She’s been touring pretty solidly since then, playing around the rest of Sweden, Norway and Europe. Now her debut full-length album, Mira Aasma, has been confirmed for release in May, and she’s just dropped a new single, ‘Mirrors’.

‘Mirrors’ starts off as a classic piece of dark, bubbling synth-pop, Aasma’s voice cutting through the murk, before snapping into a poppy, melodic chorus. It’s not easy to pull off that mix of shadowy synths and pop energy, but she makes it seem like a breeze here. ‘Mirrors’ is out now and Mira Aasma comes out on May 26 on Birds Records. Aasma plays at Nomad with Luna Green on May 19.