New Music: Sample some glossy electro-pop from The Magnettes


The Magnettes, comprised of Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla, come from way up north at the Finnish border, from a little town called Pajala. But despite coming from the Arctic [insert terrible, clunky journalist cliché segway about how ‘there’s nothing cold about their music’ here]. The Magnettes specialise in hyperactive, high-octane pop songs, sheer melody and sparky attitude jammed down into three and a half minutes of bouncy, colourful tune. The latest example this is their brand new single, ‘Bones’.

‘Bones’ is an irrepressible song, a slick neon adventure with Digervall and Kalla’s twin vocal powering along over glossy, chirpy synths. With lines like “your body is a masterpiece, but a piece is not enough for me” and “I won’t stop until I break your bones off”, it’s not exactly subtle in its subject matter, but hey, that’s never hurt a pop song before. ‘Bones’ is out now, and you can catch the band live when they support Danish popstar Oh Land at Kägelbanan on Saturday, Nov 10.