Three To See At Where’s The Music

We’re going a little outside our Stockholm base for this one, about 160km outside to be exact. Based in Norrköping, Where’s The Music is one of Sweden’s best new music festivals, a showcase for Swedish and international new artists. Over 100 bands will perform over the course of the festivals, along with a programme of conferences and talks. And we decided to pick out three bands you should make sure you don’t miss should you head down the E4 this weekend.


Anglo-Danish trio Off Bloom‘s hyper-charged electronic pop was one of the sounds that make the biggest impression over the last few months. Their debut EP Love To Hate It was full of fluid, powerful dance songs that earned them a spot on multiple ones to watch lists for 2017. Get to know them before they dominate every Spotify playlist you’ll hear this year.

Friday @ 2000, Tegelvalvet


Photo: Klara Ferm

Magic Potion have been one of our favourite bands for a while now, and we interviewed them late last your around the time of the release of their debut album Pink Gum. That record was a perfect blend of pop melodies and fuzzy slacker indie, and you can see them play it, and who knows, maybe even new songs, on Saturday.

Saturday @ 2100, Dynamo


Photo: Julia Mård

Matilda Mård is Many Voices Speak, and she released her debut EP Away For All Time in October last year. It’s a beautiful record, a collection of soft, lush songs that effortlessly capture and crystallise those moments of loss and life that make music special. She plays at Black Box on Saturday.

Saturday @ 2130, Black Box

Where’s The Music, Feb 2-4