Is This What You Wanted? First Aid Kit Pay Tribute To Leonard Cohen

Photo: Sören Vilks

As we can see into the future, we can reveal that people will eventually put on tribute concerts for the magnificent sisters in First Aid Kit when the time comes. But in the meantime, we’ll have to make do with First Aid Kit paying tribute to others. This time, they will put on a night in the spirit of Leonard Cohen where invited guests and actors from The Royal Dramatic Theatre’s ensemble will contribute.

Cohen has been a constant source of inspiration for the sisters ever since they started with music ten years ago. “He was an outstanding songwriter. His language is unique. Every line, every word is meaningful. When Cohen passed away we were deeply affected and felt that we had to do a tribute concert to our idol.”

Who By Fire? First Aid Kit and friends: A tribute to Leonard Cohen at Dramaten 13-14 March.