The Weekender April 21, 22, 23: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Photo: Martin Bohm Photography


Festival Del Mar is a festival in the Gothenburg archipelago in July which aims to promote bands that the bigger festivals don’t find space for. They’re teaming up with music mag HYMN for three preview parties for the festival, and the first of those hits Stockholm on Friday. Post-punks Then Comes Silence, heavy-rockers NEJ, barbie-punks Call Cat, indie-popper Patrik Wennberg and Danish synth-pop act Blaue Blume will all perform in a jam-packed line-up.

Apr 21 @ 1900, Debaser Strand


It’s (probably, hopefully, depending on when you read this, don’t sue us) getting sunny again, and that means it’s time to drink outdoors. And Södra Teatern’s Mosebacketerrassen, with its panorama view of the city, is one of the best places to do just that. It’s opening again from Thursday.

Apr 21, 22, 23 @ 1200, Södra Teatern


With the craft beer crew having started to run out of different ways to make beer, it was inevitable that the trend for alcohol-tinkering would move on to other drinks, and it appears that gin is the next big thing in the artisan world. We caught up with the good people at Stockholms Bränneri recently, and they’ll be present at Stockholm Gin & Öl Festival, along with a bunch of other breweries and distilleries, live music and DJs.

Apr 21, 22 @ 1400, Fåfängen