The Weekender Mar 17, 18, 19: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend


Are you a fan of 80s neon synth music? Or even a fan of Drive? College is the project of French musician David Grellier, and it was under that name that he released the song ‘A Real Hero’, which would become a centrepiece of the Ryan-Gosling-driving-around-looking-moody-flick’s soundtrack, and is also a great song in its own right. College play Sweden for the first time this weekend at Debaser Strand. Robert Parker and Waveshaper support and VHS Vision DJ.

Mar 18 @ 1900, Debaser Strand


Hip Hop Karaoke is a club that, as the name implies, a club that gives you the chance to karaoke through your favourite hip-hop songs in front of an audience of your fellow hip-hop fans. It usually takes place at Södra Teatern, and is run by Johanna Svanelind, Elias Einhyrning, Helena Sandahl, Ellen Sjöberg, Nima Barjami, Lisa Ambjörn, Fatima Osman and Chloe Lillo. It’s back this weekend for a new round on Friday, and if you’re feeling an urge to sing you can sign up here.

Mar 17 @ 2100, Södra Teatern


Friday March 17 is St. Patrick’s day, the day when everyone is a little bit Irish (or claims to be at least). You can boost your gaelic cred by attending Stockholm’s St. Patrick’s day parade, which will have pipes leprechauns, wolfhounds, and presumably lots of green stuff. Because this is Sweden and not Ireland, it takes place on Mar 18, not 17, which is slightly blasphemous, but it promises to be a good party nonetheless. It starts at 12 on Humlegården.

Mar 18 @ 1200, Kungliga biblioteket