The Weekender April 28, 29, 30: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier


It’s shaping up to be a big year for IKHANA. After a few years of making waves with singles, she’s finally dropped her debut album Zebrelli. IKHANA calls her self-produced music ‘Zebra Funk’, a smorgasbord of various sounds and styles stitched together to make fluid, digital glitch-funk, and her singles VHVH and WTA were two of the best released last year. She’s playing all over Sweden this spring, and comes to Debaser on Friday. Vinter support and Wavvy Tracks, Nibla, Oh Majk! and Maydar DJ.

Apr 28 @ 2000, Debaser Strand


It’s that Valborg time of year again, and Natten is returning to Nobelberget to celebrate. So why not celebrate the arrival of spring with one of Stockholm’s most celebrated club nights?

Apr 30 @ 2100, Nobelberget


Another event celebrating the arrival of spring, Affordable Art Fair are putting together a culture night on the Högetorget terrace. Fasching’s Jamkultur will put on a show at 2030, and there’ll be art from Graffitiförmedlingen and Tove Jertfelt, as well as a wide range of food trucks.

Apr 29 @ 1800, Hötorgsterrassen